We set off with a simple mission:

to help golfers play their best.

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As athletes, we set out to give back to the golf community and improve the lives of players worldwide. We love the opportunity golf gives us to strengthen our focus, test our determination, build confidence and have meaningful experiences. We believe that with Sparrow, we can revolutionize the game of golf by helping everyone in the community reach their full potential.
Our mission is to revolutionize the way we play and practice golf. While performance technology is spreading to every facet of the sports world, Sparrow is focused on bringing it to golf. Using an advanced AI system, we believe that our real time swing analysis and feedback can transform how we examine the golf swing.  Our team is working relentlessly to create the best product so that we can help you lower your handicaps and elevate your game. 
Sparrow is at the absolute forefront of advanced A.I. technology.  We are committed to constantly iterating our app to make it more accurate, powerful, and accessible. We are building what we're calling the Golf Genome – the largest open source knowledge base about golf, and we are excited to share it with you. Sparrow is the future of golf – with its advanced A.I. technology, instant personalized instruction will become the new reality for golfers everywhere.