Sparrow App Exclusive Access 

Welcome to Sparrow's Beta Testing Program
Follow these steps access Sparrow ahead of its app store release:
1.  Open this Testflight link on your iPhone 8+ or higher**
It will open Testflight in the App store
2.  Download Testflight
Testflight is Apple's app for hosting beta tests
3.  Click this link again to download Sparrow
It will open Sparrow in Testflight
4.  Take Sparrow to the course or range and start swinging!
Bring a tripod or ask someone to film
5.  Welcome to the Sparrow Club, we are looking forward to your feedback

Note: this is a beta version, and sometimes is not as stable as our production app will be. 

Thanks for your understanding and for helping us optimize and improve. 

** For now, Sparrow is only available on iPhones, version 8+ or higher

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