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Sparrow Women in Entrepreneurship Program

As a pioneering startup in the burgeoning field of AI, Sparrow seeks to provide opportunities for women in entrepreneurship.


As such, the company has created this special program to highlight Sparrow opportunities for women to begin (or extend) their careers in the business of entrepreneurship. Additionally, for those entering the company, Sparrow will provide opportunities to receive advice/mentorship from its senior leaders, particularly its senior female leadership team.




The first such position/opportunity is as follows:


A.I. Golf Startup seeks outgoing, charismatic recent alumna for an Intern-to-Perm opportunity


* Are you an outgoing person who loves to meet and interact with people?

* Are you interested in breaking into the hot new field of A.I.?

* Do you like sports - perhaps played one in the past? 


If so, keep reading …

* Have you ever outreached to people to convince them to help, or partner with, your organization? (like for a political candidate or for a sorority or for a charity)

— OR —

* Are you a naturally extroverted person that would love doing so - even if you don’t have that experience yet?


Are you looking for an opportunity to …

- join a hot startup that has already raised $7 million to revolutionize the world of golf + other sports with A.I.

- become part of a close-knit Core team, a diverse group of fun talented people who’ve had a ton of previous success (3 previous startups acquired, apps bought by Time and Twitter)

- learn invaluable skills on how to outreach and form partnerships with sports entities over the next 6-12 months, then potentially transition to become full-time, with salary, benefits and stock options


*** Requirements ***


Our ideal candidate:

* is a driven young woman and college graduate of a reputable 4-year or 2-year college. Any major qualifies, including liberal arts, psychology, sociology, hospitality. A stay-at-home parent is fine as the position is remote / flexible.

* has excellent verbal communication skills (people enjoy talking to you)

* is totally comfortable outreaching, calling, charming managers and convincing them to partner with Sparrow (they get free use of Sparrow’s A.I. + free promotional phone stands !)

* is ok working in a Full-time internship with a $100/week stipend for 6-12 months, with the opportunity to transition to a Full-time salaried position with benefits and stock options after the internship


If all this fits/intrigues you, please contact us - we’d love to chat !


To apply, send your resume to Please also include a few sentences about yourself and your interest in Sparrow.


Testimonials from Sparrow’s Interns

* I was given real responsibilities while working alongside people who really exemplified what it means to be a part of a team. - Georgia L., Williams College (Women’s Varsity Soccer, Psych Major)


* I definitely feel as though I’m honing important skills and experience for when I enter the job market.” - Abby E., Pomona College in CA (Psych Major, Golfer)


* Interning at Sparrow was so valuable! I got to work with the founders and see firsthand how a successful company is made! - Annie M, Lehigh (Women’s Varsity Lacrosse, Business Major)


*My internship at Sparrow has been an awesome experience! The fast-paced nature of a startup really allowed me to hone new skills, think outside the box, and work on projects spanning various areas of the business." - Tanisha S., Barnard College of Columbia University (Financial Economics Major)


* My internship with Sparrow was great! I worked on an investment and PR project that contributed to the launch of the company. - Colette M., Columbia University (Women's Varsity Soccer)


* I loved getting exposure to the fast-paced start-up world - my internship with Sparrow was awesome!

- Rebecca R., Brown University (Applied Math major)


* My time at Sparrow has changed me for the better. I learned what it takes to be part of a team, as well as how to handle daily responsibility. Not only has this internship allowed me to grow as a person, but also as a designer. I'll truly miss this wonderful team of people, and wish nothing but success for Sparrow.

- Lily M., Binghamton University (Graphic Design major, club soccer and track)

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