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2021 Golf Equipment Trends

Improved Grip Comfort

There are brands that make grips that offer a custom fit along with different colorway options outside of the standard black grip.

Pro golfers on the PGA tour have attested that this is a great option for a more natural feel and can lead to an improved game.

Buying vs. Renting Your Gear

Renting makes it difficult to become comfortable with clubs as each time you rent there will be variations in weights and grips due to different brands.

This results in difficulties with improvement. Renting is a good idea if you find yourself on the course 1-2 times a year or less. But, if you are looking to invest time into practicing and honing your skills, buying a cheap set of clubs is beneficial as you can become familiar with them.

Clothing Trends

If conditions such as heavy rain or wind present themselves, it may seem sensible to wear a common jacket.

But interference with your swing trajectory may become an issue. A common mistake is wearing t-shirts or heavier clothing which prevents your swing path from being repetitive and successful. A solution for this is to invest in a thin windbreaker that allows you to maintain warmth while not compromising your swing.

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