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Sparrow Golf Tips of the Week | Dec 9

1. Improve Putting Game

Setting up and aligning the ball based on break is a key to success on the green.

Using a steady and consistent stroke can be achieved with square shoulders and relaxed arms. Judging distance is very important as well.

Especially from outside 30 feet, mastering your touch can go a long way. Many players try to play too aggressively on the green and the result is not what they are hoping for. Find a comfortable and effective approach on the green and run with it!

2. Fore

There are two kinds of safety tips on the golf

course. The ones that prevent yourself from injury in your swing. And there are tips on how you can be safer to other people on the course. Tips to prevent yourself from injury are to warm up, start slowly, build up your endurance, choose proper clothing attire, and stay hydrated.

A few tips to prevent other people’s injury on the course starts with making sure no one is in front of you when you are swinging at the ball. Next, if there is someone on your hole or another hole that is at risk of being hit by the ball, make sure to yell “Fore!” as soon as possible.

3. Dress According to Weather

Wearing the proper attire to the golf course is important because the weather can alter our physical being on the course. The first recommendation is to wear a golf glove so that you keep your hand safely on the club, especially in rainy weather. Next, consider wearing a windbreaker golf jacket because it helps maintain warmth and allows you to swing freely. Additionally, players wear thin collared shirts on the course because this allows you to swing better than in a regular t-shirt. Typically, players wear pants over

shorts at nicer golf courses, but it is necessary to check the weather before addressing this situation in case it is a really cold day. Finally, wearing a hat is recommended because it helps block the sun and is a better alternative than glasses because they do not move as much throughout your swing. -

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