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Sparrow Golf Tips of the Week | Jan 10

1. Improving Greenside Bunker Shots

Typically bunkers are strategically placed to make golfers overthink shots and avoiding them is extremely difficult. Therefore, knowing how to manage these shots can go a long way in improving your golf game. The first thing you should do when in a greenside bunker is to aim for the sand about 1 or 2 inches behind the ball. This will help generate spin and not hit the ball 50 yards over the green.

Next, focusing on the safest place on the green is important because the slope of the green will affect the result of the shot itself. Also, knowing the texture of the sand can be important because soft sand on a hot day can be a lot different than wet sand on a cold day. Softer sand allows the ball to come out softly but with not much spin. On the other hand, firmer sand causes much more spin and needs to be accounted for. Finally, practicing these shots and doing things such as opening your stance and your clubface can help benefit your greenside bunker shots.

2. Improved Driving Game

When using your driver, there are many ways that you should hit your shot differently than using an iron, a wedge, and a hybrid or wood. There are many things that should be done such as widening your stance, tilting your spine on your back foot, improving your posture, raising your left heel, and holding your finish.

All of these things help contribute to farther and straighter drives on the course. In addition, focusing on having a simple swing can help the accuracy of your shots by not trying to do that much. Finally, focus on lightening your grip with your right hand if you are a right-handed golfer as the front hand should dominate the grip on the club.

3. Perfecting Pivot

One thing that many golfers fail to do is stack their weight on your back foot throughout your swing. This will help provide a more accurate result because of the rotation of your body throughout the swing. Many players misinterpret this tip and slide through the ball on the follow-through. This will often result in mishit shots and golfers will be very frustrated. By turning instead of sliding throughout your swing, the results will be more consistent and the shots will have much more spin, distance, and accuracy. The stacking of your body weight on your back foot will cause the ball to launch harder and in a more controlled manner.

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