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Sparrow Golf Tips of the Week | Jan 24

1. Perfecting Punch Shots

Punch shots can be difficult to hit, but are vital when you are on the course surrounded by trees or shrubbery. Punch shots are meant to be low stingers to get you out of trouble and back into the fairway. You always want to club up by 1 or 2 clubs to get less loft on the ball, depending on what surface you are hitting out of and what is in front of you.

Another tip is to choke up, or lower your grip on the club shaft by about two inches. This will make your connection feel lighter, and your shot will be more controlled. For a punch shot, you do not want to try and swing as hard as you can, as it could end up putting you in a worse position. Instead, only swing up to 3/4 of your normal backswing, so you can control your shot and really focus on hitting the ball back onto the fairway. A final tip is to have a short follow-through after making contact with the ball, so the ball stays low and does not rise into the tree’s.

2. Playing to Your Strengths

When it comes to golf, everyone always wants to be the golfer who can drive the ball the farthest, hit your approach shot close to the pin, and step up and make the put for birdie. It is a great feeling when it happens, but realistically, it is not going to happen for every golfer. Golf is a sport played with a lot of strategy, and playing to your strengths is a strategy that will help you succeed on the course. Always make a plan before you start any round of golf; a plan that you believe in, feel comfortable with, and will stick with throughout the round. If it means clubbing up because you feel more comfortable hitting a 7-iron than an 8-iron, or hitting a 3-wood of the tee because you do not trust your driver, go for it! No one is telling you what club to hit but yourself, so remember to stick to your game plan, trust what you feel comfortable hitting, step up with confidence, and nail the shot.

3. Don't Forget to Have Fun

While golf at times can be frustrating and competitive, it is always important to remember to have fun. Frustrated golf can lead to wide drives, scuffed shots, and missed puts. Even if it is just one bad shot, try not to lose your head, and stay calm so you can focus in on your next shot. Stay as relaxed as possible when you are on the course to make it a more enjoyable round of golf. Try to make the round more entertaining and fun for everyone by playing games with your foursome such as best ball scramble, wolf, or even 2v2 matchplay. Enjoy the nice breeze from riding in the golf cart to get to your ball, or chat with your friends while walking to the next hole. When the round is over, swing by the clubhouse and grab some food or a drink with everyone and relax. After all, playing golf with your friends on a beautiful, warm day should be a lot of fun for everyone!

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