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Sparrow Golf Tips of the Week | Nov 17

1. Course Etiquette- When out on the course there tend to be a few unwritten rules that should be followed. Here we will highlight some we think are the most important

First, you want to be fast and efficient with your play to prevent other golfers from having to wait too long.

  • Arriving on schedule for your tee time is common courtesy as to not hold up others who may be ready.

  • We know golf can be frustrating, but keeping your temper in check regardless of the result is important because you don’t want to disturb other players around you.

  • Repair ground divots after your shots as this can maintain a course’s grass and help set it up for others to play on.

  • Finally, lending a hand is one of the best forms of etiquette as holding the pin for someone, watching the location of shots, and helping pick up provisional balls can be key to picking up the pace of play and helping your partners get through the round efficiently.

2. Mastering Grip- Finding the right way to grip a golf club can be difficult, but it is a huge factor in fixing issues with your golf swing. There are multiple drills that can aid in keeping your grip basic and effective, one we will talk about requires only a penny! Using your left hand, grab the club and make sure you are showing only two knuckles from the address position. Next, place the penny on/above your left thumb followed by placing your right hand over the penny so your hands maintain a proper connection and the penny does not fall. This should allow for consistency and a proper grip that will result in more consistent swings and straightened shots.

3. Swing Practice- Practicing in quantity can be crucial in golf because it allows you to work on your swing more often than during a round of play. Finding somewhere to take 100 practice swings a day can go a long way because it will make you stronger, improve your endurance throughout a round, and improve your technique. This is why our company developed Sparrow, so you can practice your swing in an area as close as your backyard. A common exercise that top

professionals have recommended is using heavy weighted clubs for warm-up to improve flexibility

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