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Sparrow Golf Tips of the Week | Nov 3rd

Tip 1:

Experiment with Your Swing

Whether it is from a Youtube video, a golf professional at your local club, or the Sparrow app, taking instruction can go a long way when wanting to improve your swing. This tip isn’t only for your average golfer; elite players such as Tiger Woods utilize swing coaches, making this a development worth looking into. Factors like backswing, follow-through, posture, or many other movements can be a point of instruction. These can all be ways to hit the ball much straighter and farther. Experimenting with your swing can make your swing more consistent and a cause for improvement in your game. A lot of times, adjusting your swing can feel awkward but making a pattern through practice can help with this!

Tip 2:

Fitness Level

As we know, mental fatigue can happen on the course, but physical fatigue often gets underlooked. Investing time into maintaining a good base level of fitness is a great way to keep your game on point! Activities such as running, weight lifting, biking, etc. will aid in adding distance to your swing, improving accuracy, and increasing stamina to power yourself towards your goal at the end of your round. Lastly, people tend forget about the power of stretching or doing yoga as this can help with balance and prevent injuries like muscle tears!

Tip 3:

Improved Chipping Game

Working on your short chipping game can go a long way because over 50% of your shots are either next to or on the green. Here are some tips to improve within the area around the green. Pitching with your arms instead of your wrists is important because it allows the club to do the work. This results in more spin, control, and loft to your short chip shots. For on-flop shots, open the clubface and guide the face of the club under the ball with a loose grip. This should allow your ball to spin and stop at a faster rate than a normal chip. On bump-and-run shots, more use of the wrist will allow for an increased front spin, keeping the ball under a tree, or running a ball up to the hole. Having soft hands-on chip shots is important because it allows for ball-first contact. This can be very important in hitting an accurate chip shot. Dominating with your left arm is key in getting the result you are hoping for on long shots, and especially chipping. Use a looser grip with your right hand in order to get better next to the green. Letting your body rotate into the shot can be also huge because it will enable a better spin rate and contact around the green. This will result in chunking and thinning the ball less.

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