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Sparrow Golf Tips of the Week | Oct 20th

Tip 1: Improving Your Aim

A common issue is aiming for the flag and not the center of the green.

Courses are specifically designed to cause error based on the placement of hazards. One key tactic is to aim for the center of the fairway or green. This allows room for error and a better opportunity to knock your next shot close without taking a stroke penalty!

Tip 2: Maintaining Balance

Having a proper stance seems simple, but is much more complicated than just bending your knees.

There's a tendency to slide your hips forward with the ball instead of rotating, causing inconsistent results. To avoid sliding, correct rotation is key, which can be achieved by bending your pelvis forward and having your body coil over your back leg. This rotation will allow for more torque in addition to increased consistency when striking.

Tip 3: Know Your Clubs

No matter the hazard, knowing which club to use can be key in dropping your average score.

Yardage varies due to everyone’s swing being different which makes knowledge of club distance important. Head to a range near you and see how far your clubs go!

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