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Winter Training Exercises

1. Yoga- There are many different golf training exercises for those in colder climates during the month of December to do around the house. The first thing that will benefit your game is doing yoga around the house. This can help improve the stability of your golf shots and also help add flexibility. Both of these will benefit your range of motion when swinging the golf club and will go a long way once you hit the course again.

2. Indoor Putting- The next thing that you can work on while at home for Christmas is putting on the carpet. While this is not the same as the course, it can help maintain the pace of your stroke and help you put straighter once you face real breaks on the putting green. Putting into something the size of a coffee cup can help you achieve a better overall putting stroke because of this indoor simulation. While chipping indoors might not be the best idea, this is a much better idea to not get in trouble with Mom!

3. Local Shops- Another idea that many golfers do is practice swinging at local pro shops. Golf coaches can give you lessons indoors to help work on your technique and grip adjustments. Grip adjustments can be important at this time of the year so that you can practice indoors while watching TV. Therefore, when a warmer day comes, you are more prepared for the occasion.

4. Heavier Clubs- The last lesson is to use heavier clubs like a sand wedge as opposed to a 4 iron when practicing swings inside.Because the clubs are heavier, this will allow you to control your swing more once you start playing outdoors. In addition, your muscle memory will increase due to the extra weight and can help benefit your game while sitting indoors throughout the cold winter months of the year.

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