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Northern Lights

We're ready to change the world of AI

Our Mission:
Empowering individuals to reach their highest potential in physical skills through personalized AI coaching.

Sam Pigott

Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer

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Todd Eaglin

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Co-founder & Chief AI Officer

Joe Chin

Co-founder & CEO

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Director of Operations

Brooke Beason

Director, Product Management

Sereyna Bianchi

Dave Luke Jr.

Lead Full Stack Engineer /
AI Data Engineer

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Gray King

Lead iOS Engineer

Our Team

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We strive to excel, putting our best foot forward, and embrace the extra determination, work, and life-hacking often required. We use metrics and objective measures.

We focus on ideas/strategies, using positivity and moderate language. We hold no pride of authorship, love to brainstorm, and use the collaborative method.

Collaborate Well

Startup Passion

We bring a passion for the mission and/or startups to the company - maxing out while still taking breaks, vacations to stay healthy. We are startup aggressive - stretching to do great things.

Get Better Everyday

We strive to improve and help others to do so. We ensure everyone is challenged, allocated optimally, and not trapped by hierarchy. We encourage folks to be themselves, respect all backgrounds/cultures, and hold no biases (unconscious or not).

Our Values.

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