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Welcome to next generation of Generative AI 

Moving beyond text and images, into the physical domain.

ChatGPT marked the dawn of the generative AI era, democratizing access to text and image creation.

As we transition into the next phase, generative AI is extending its reach far beyond text and images into many areas of our lives. 

Sparrow has consistently led the charge in applied AI in product development and is now spearheading the revolution to develop the next generation of generative AI in the physical realm.

How our generative AI works


Interact using hand gestures and voice.

We built advanced perception models, object detection, and temporal models to precisely track and understand human movements. This technology anticipates actions, creating a fluid, responsive environment.


It speaks to you and guides you as it analyzes your movement 

Sparrow uses advanced technology to create a seamless and natural user experience, mimicking real coach interactions. While learning a skill, engage with Sparrow through physical actions and verbal communication and Sparrow will respond with verbal guidance.

Sparrow not only observes and analyzes your movements, providing real-time guidance during skills-based training, it also offers personalized feedback based on its observations, creating a dynamic and interactive coaching experience. This innovative approach helps you improve your performance and achieve your goals more effectively.

You get real-time, personalized coaching. Unlocking your full potential.



Sparrow is in R&D, building perception models for edge devices.


Sparrow Golf Launched. The world's first fully AI-powered golf app


We purchase a MOCAP suit for 3D modeling human motion


Our Timeline

$7 million Angel Financing raised 

We start building a proprietary Generative AI for human motion

1,000,000 Golf Swings Analyzed

 Soccer coaching app built using our own Generative AI

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